Scottie Dogs

I have been making lots of Scottie dog brooches, a few more than in this photo,  for little Christmas gifts.  The one on the bottom left is a bit more of a pup as it is for my Grand daughter and the one, second down on the right, is specially made for the best friend of my sis-in-law who died a couple of years ago.  It is made from a piece of her clothing so I thought it would mean more to her and she is a soppy date like me so its a way of feeling close to my sis-in-law as we still  miss her so much.  

I have also been making these little boxes to put them in, with a bit of help from my son as I couldn't remember how to make them.  I am using the lovely vintage wallpaper I picked up for a pound a while ago and have used for various projects and some washi tape and a bit of Christmas tissue paper. 

I hope people like their little homemade gift as it hasn't cost a lot but is made with love.
I have made a few other brooches too, some of them have gone onto the bags I have been making which are all nearly completed now.

and this ones for me to wear

I now have some knitting on the go for another present as I saw on a blog that I follow, Eclectic Home and Life, her instructions for felted slippers.  I managed to buy some 100 per cent Scottish wool and have a go.

I have only made one foot so far!  This is before the felting part too so watch this space!

Terri X


  1. Terri, you are very clever, they all look so lovely. Woo xx


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