On my Craft Table this week

Are lots of WIP's ( works in progress).
I did finish the batman cushion for one of my Grandsons when I had a sewing day with my friend but it didn't turn out to be as straightforward to do as I expected

but I think he will like it.  I got a free gift on a magazine whilst I was away, and I started on this at the Monday sewing class
It took me two hours to do the paper piecing as they were such small triangles.   I hope to finish it this coming Monday.

I also brought a pile of Christmas card toppers and a pack of paper chains which I am going to use to start making my Christmas cards.  I got this little lot from Home Bargains as their prices are so cheap I.e. 59p for 8 toppers and 99p for the papers.  I had a card making evening Friday but only made a couple of Birthday cards just sat chatting!
Also on my table are some squares cut out ready to make another bag as a present for a family member.

I asked my son for an old pair of his jeans to cut up for the handles.  He's lost a lot of weight so I thought he would have a spare pair that are too big now.

I am toying with the idea of putting this cross stitch as decoration on the centre panel.  
I still have brooches to put together so I do have plenty to keep me busy and hopefully I will have completed some of them in time for my next update.

Terri X


  1. Terri you seem to be so busy, I hope to spend some time crafting myself this week. Woo xx


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