Monday Blues

I awoke out of sorts this morning.  It was another dull, wet start to the day and I watched out of the window as the mist rolled up the hill to engulf us. Instead of going out to sewing class I decided to save the money this week and use it for next time and stay home.  

I had lots i could be getting on with but first i decided to get the slow cooker out and make a stew for OH.  I had two bits of meat given to me frozen when my friend emptied her freezer out as she was going away for a month.  I gratefully accepted everything she gave me but I still couldn't tell exactly what meat it was when defrosted!  I put the bits in with lots of veg, lentils potatoes and stock and left it to cook.  

I felt like having some soup so I chopped up 3 sticks of celery, 1 leek and 1 potato adding  1 1/2 pints of vegetable stock .  After 20 mins simmering I blitzed it with the hand blender and it made a tasty soup.
I had a few loads of washing to do and I had to tumble dry it all as I couldn't get it outside and as we have no heat in the house it would just take days to dry on the clothes horse.  I did a bit of sewing, finishing the phone case and sewing some of the cut out squares for a bag together then decided to catch up with last Friday's "Lewis" on the STV player.
OH arrived home and asked what kind of stew it was and I just said beef!

I made Jamie Oliver's quick rice pudding recipe and I finally started to feel better.  Perhaps I just needed a potter day and some comfort food!
I am spending the evening here

In front of the fire, feet up 

A Christmas magazine to browse through and a few chocolates to eat.  Just need OH to put the kettle on now!

Terri X


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