February through the Window 2!

I seem to be having a window theme this month!  
It's been great this week that the temperature has risen so much that the snow has cleared and we drove out at the weekend to do a food shop.  On the way home we stopped to take a look at a ruin that OH had had previously spotted that was having some work done on it.  He hadn't told me it was up quite a steep hill though!  The Woodland Trust had taken it over and built a framework within the remaining three walls of what looked like an old cottage and just put a roof over it.  It was open to the elements still but they have put in a couple of barbecues so it could be used as an entertainment area. Different use of a building I thought and in the summer it will be nice for the walkers.  Look at the lovely view through this little window. I like that someone has put the twigs in to divide it into panes.

Changing the subject entirely look at all these lovely yummy bits of fabric I have acquired this week!

Each pile of fabric was being sold off for £4 a pack so what a bargain!  There is quite a bit of vintage plus Cath Kidston prints too.  My favourite piece is this

Lots of ideas on how to use it all are running through my head at the mo.  I have fitted in some sewing time and finished the Highland cow cushion and the bag I had started last week.

A trip to a charity shop was successful when I spotted a M&S tartan skirt.  The lady said skirts were £3 but when I told her it wouldn't be a skirt for long as I was cutting it up and it would probably be a bag, she said in that case it would be 50p!!  It's not quite finished yet.

Lined with a bit of vintage

I also made myself a little brooch to wear out of a few scrap pieces.

So lots of nice times happening in what has at times been quite a stressful week but that's LIFE I suppose.

Terri X


  1. Love the window photograph Terri. That material looks wonderful, I'm sure you will have lots of ideas to use it, that vintage piece is just lovely. Woo xx

  2. A great window and I really like your little owl! xx

  3. Just spent a few days reading your blog from the beginning. Love the bags you have been making and the little brooches. You've been having worse weather than we have here in W. Canada. What do you work at. Look forward to your next post.

  4. Wow, such lovely bits of fabric!! I don't ever find anything like that at our thrift stores. I love the bag you made! Are you a self-taught seamstress?


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