February through the Window

We have had snow and icy conditions throughout the last two weeks.  It's amazing but there are different types of snow and we have had a lot of bitty snow, lots of powdery snow that blows around in the wind and icy snow that crunches underfoot.  Today we have had about 5 inches of lovely fluffy snow and that is the best kind I think. It's 4pm now and the sky is full of it still.

OH is nearly up to his knees in the back garden!  It is so quiet outside as the snow muffles the sounds.

You can see the sky is full of it.  Tomorrow we will be relying on the snow plough to come up and grit the road.  We have had a few days where we have been unable to get the car out down the hill.  Although I have been busy at work, we have been doing hundreds of items of clothing which are heading off to the Falkland Islands!, I have been doing a little bit of sewing

Squares put together to make a few more handbags,

Some tweed bunting made with scraps of tweed.

A bit of appliqué using my machine instead of doing by hand.  This is going to end up as a cushion I think.

It's also been a time for baking.  All the cafes have closed down so it means a 50 round trip to go out for coffee which is ok if going out anyway but too far to go otherwise.

First was a batch of summer berry muffins as i had half a bag of berries in the freezer. A couple of friends and family popped in so made a batch of

Lemon muffins and coffee and walnut ones, plus little lemon tarts were made. There were a lot more than on this plate, this was a photo of the leftovers!
OH has now put in a request for some with sultanas in.
I have been making some warming dinners like casseroles in the slow cooker, blitzing leftovers up with more stock into soup for lunches.  Tonight we are having mince curry using store cupboard ingredients of baked beans and tinned potatoes and using this cheap curry sauce.

Along with a chopped onion and the mince beef this works out at just under £1 per portion and serves 4 easily. Very filling if you have with rice or some bread too.  As the stove is put on when we are home we are still using the whistling kettle for hot water to keep our electric costs down but I am still using the tumble dryer a lot and it is making an awful banging noise so is definitely on its last legs.  I hope it lasts this winter but I do use a clothes horse too. Proof below!

A bit of a dark photo but who wants to see my washing anyway!  The light is fading now so soon time to close the curtains to keep the warmth in. The cats are settled in for the evening too.

Bonny loves to get as close to the stove as she can and Alex is curled up in the chair.

Terri X


  1. I do not really envy you the snow, but like you would be baking and crafting. I have not used that curry sauce but have had one from Home Bargains for 49p which was fine.

  2. Hi Terri, the snow looks lovely, I know lots of people do not like it but, I do. You have certainly been very busy with all that lovely baking and crafting. Woo xx


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