Maybe Time for a Change

The snowdrops are peeping through the fence posts again this year. I didn't think they would come through as we really have piled up the grass cuttings and ash over the last year in their area but although they look so delicate, it just shows they are stronger than they look.

I brought these primroses to put in a pot by the front door today, 99p from Home Bargains and they were being snapped up by people.  I just felt the need to have a little bit of colour to catch my eye outside and there are no signs yet of any daffodils coming through.
Well I've shown you some pretty photos before I explain my blog title.  We have decided to apply for a council house in the village.  We have loved being in this cottage, with views like this how could we not.

but there is a downside..

mould over all the walls,

This is my bedroom ceiling.  We have tried to keep it at bay, we wash the walls down with white vinegar and then redecorate but it is a lot worse in other rooms.  My clothes smell musty, beds are damp and its not healthy to be breathing it all in.  The council have been out to inspect this week as they say we are living in a sub standard property.  There is no insulation, no damp proof course and no central heating.  So now we wait to see what house will be offered 
to us, it won't be as pretty or in such a lovely position but it will have the basics that we need. Still will be hard to leave though.

Terri X


  1. I hope that it all works out well for you! xx

  2. Hope all goes well, we lived in an old property which was very damp, it does make you ill, I'm sure where ever you go you can make it into a lovely home x

  3. The cottage is a very pretty package but it is what is inside that counts. Mold and damp isn't good for anyone, not to mention the lack of insulation and heat. I'm sure your next house will become a 'home' in no time.

  4. Sorry to read you're having to leave such a lovely cottage! But mold is just the worst. I can't wait to see how you make your next house into home :)


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