Amazing Log Cabin

If you have followed my blog since I began writing when we lived in our small croft house in the hills, you might remember that I posted about this amazing wood cabin we came upon one day.

It was just luck that it was mentioned whilst we were out with a group of friends and one piped up and said she knew the cabin and she looked after it for the owners who live in South Africa!  Well we were all stunned by this and bombarded her with questiions about the interior.

As you can see from these photo's, its in a beautiful location.  
Our friend told the owners of our interest and they kindly offerred to let us all use their home to hold our bookclub get together!  How amazing is that, to let total strangers into their home whilst they were not there.

Well we had a lovely evening, its an incredible house built with these huge trees shipped all the way from Canada.  Inside you could just smell the wood, lovely.

The few interior pics didn't turn out brilliantly as there was so much light inside from the huge balcony but this was looking towards the entrance door.  There were three massive tree trunks in this room and it had underfloor heating.  It was a bit of a shock to me to find that the zebra striped rug was actually a real zebra skin!  I am not a person who likes taxidermy and I am afraid I didn't take photos of the room which houses the bar
or even stay in it very long as it was nicknamed the killing room, yuck!

The wood made for a very cosy interior and I liked how the logs were used to make some unusual shelves to hold lamps.  They had some lovely pieces of furniture like sideboards and dressers that you would pick up at auctions and this made it quite homely inside.

The bedrooms and bathrooms were a good size too but I have to say that the best part of the house for me revolved around the balcony.

OH agreed with me, thats him up there.  I feel very lucky to have been allowed to go round their home as I had always wondered what it was like inside and there were elements I really liked but looking around the exterior was better than the interior for me.
By the way we did discuss the book and have all started watching the Outlander series on tv as it has just begun on E4.  It follows the book very closely too.

This is the next book we have chosen to read and this time its a true story so should be interesting.

Terri X


  1. What a beautiful home and so generous of the owners to let you have a peek around.


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