Catch Up July

Dragonfly photo's taken yesterday.

Its been a busy few weeks working and planning to have our Grand- daughter to visit but as the saying goes .... the best laid plans went awry!
My car had developed a problem with the engine light coming on but no faults showing when a diagnostic done so it has been at the garage on and off for 6 weeks now whilst they are still trying to find out whats wrong.  Numerous parts have been replaced and it has cost a fortune too but we are at the stage that I am now not being charged for the labour costs as they are determined to find the problem.  This mean't that my plans to drive south went out of the window and I had to make alternative plans last minute for going.  As everyone knows, when its the school summer holidays, the prices rise dramatically too.  I was so stressed out, worried in case I let my Grand-daughter down and couldn't go.

The view from the train window through the Cairngorms.
Thankfully after a bit of effort on the internet, I managed to go down flying and by train with a railcard bringing her back at a reasonable cost.
We are now having a lovely time together
She loved kajaking.
We have been swimming, walking and crafting together and hope to go to the beach tomorrow whatever the weather.
Another whole week to enjoy :-)

Terri X


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