Messing about on the River

We found a great place to launch our kajaks from with a little shingle beach.

Plenty of room to park vehicles too.  Thats our kajak on top of the roof rack.

Wait for us!  

Catching you up now.

Action shot!  We have just negotiated our way over some little rapids.  We got a bit stuck on some rocks but we are on our way again!

Enjoying a little chat with our friend Maggie as we paddle along.

The water was quite shallow in places and I saw salmon leaping and herons fishing.

Yoo Hoo!  Waving to Wendy and Phil as we past by an island.

Elizabeth and Maggie stopping to natter.

The end is in sight but what a lovely way to spend the evening.  Think my arms will ache a bit tomorrow though.

Terri X


  1. Wow, looks like great fun, such a wonderful way to spend the day.


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