Frugal Things I've Done This Week

1.  There was some whole milk gone out of date in the shop I work in so it was being thrown away.  I rescued 3 pints and made a lovely rice pudding for our dinner.  I always save a bowl to go cold and have it next day for breakfast too.       TOTAL SAVING - £1.20

2.  We haven't been having the hot weather like they are having in England but we have had a couple of dry days so all washing done and dried on the line and clotheshorse.  Everything washed on an eco setting and the quick wash setting for 19mins brought my rug up lovely and clean.

3.  Our internet signal has always been rubbish, most of the time we are lucky to get 2 mb but we have always had to pay for a service we don't receive.  I decided to shop around as our monthly bill seems to be creeping up and for a while now its been rumoured we were getting broadband fibre to the village, indeed the roads have been dug up numerous times.
On checking BT they say we can order fibre now and are offering £65 back for taking up their latest deal.  I also signed up to this deal via a cashback website which will result in a £95 cashback.  Altogether I will save £5 per month and have much better internet for an initial £60 outlay for the router which is more than covered by the cashback.
TOTAL SAVING over 12 months - £60 & £100 in cashback to come

4.  I always have a pay as you go mobile and pay £10 per month and get £20 credit free.  A pretty good deal really but as I signed on BT, they offer unlimited texts and calls for £5 per month plus I get a certain amount of data usage via their hotspots which will be useful when traveĺling.
TOTAL SAVING over 12 months - £60

5.  I save all the inner cardboard from toilet and kitchen rolls and stuff full of old paperwork, receipts, advertising etc to make paper logs to start the stove in the winter.  We don't get any free newspapers here but a few friends save any they get for me to use to line the cat box also.

6.  Re using yoguet pots.  This one is the perfect size to store seeds but they make good plant labels if you cut them up.  I am also showing off my first courgette grown from the freebie plant I was given.  Hope to get a few more if we ever get some sunshine to help them grow!
7.  Using up all odds and ends in fridge to make soup which we will have as dinner when we are both working all day.

Terri X


  1. I absolutely love your rug! and your soup looks divine. That's a really great idea with the yoghurt pots didn't of using them for that xxxxxxxxx

  2. What a great idea to use the toilets rolls and paper for paper logs. I am going to start doing that too, a great tip.


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