Dipping my toes in the water!

Hello everyone, this is my first post!  I have been lurking around blogland for a few months now and never worked out how to even comment on peoples posts...technology is not my thing...but I have learnt so much from reading other blogs that I decided to join you all :)

People are  talking about the BBC programme about food poverty in the U.K.  I am glad it is now a subject being highlighted, I for one can relate to the people's stories in this programme.  There have been quite a few times when we would have no money for food and family members have come to our rescue.  I never relied on processed foods although I understand why it is sometimes easier, I always preferred to make a home cooked meal if possible, 101 ways with minced beef became my speciality!!  

I hope to make this blog about the ups and downs of our life in the Highlands, having to be frugal in what we do, the crafting things I make, reducing and recycling, the bargains I find, the recipes I use.  Let me start by showing you where I live

This is an old crofters cottage that has been extended into the roof space.  We were starting again with nothing and feel we were so lucky to be able to find this cottage to rent. It is idyllic in the summer but hard in the winter, no central heating, no insulation at all and the temperature can drop to the -20's, but just look at the view I have when washing up

Beautiful isn't it.


  1. It is beautiful. What a lovely house and view in the highlands! It sounds like it's been an interesting journey so far! Nice to meet you. Heather x

    1. Thanks Heather, nice to meet you too and I'm grateful to get a comment on my first post. I was just on your blog entering your lovely giveaway, learnt how to comment this morning!! Terri x

  2. Just found your blog after your comment on mine , what a beautiful place to live , you are so lucky , we are starting again through various reasons but its not a beautiful home like your is from the outside or location but we will make it as nice as we can furnishing it with boot/ jumble sale finds , I just thank our lucky stars we have a roof over our heads and you never know what the future holds , Eileen xxx

  3. That's so true Eileen and I hope you will be very happy in your new home as well. There was a time when I thought we would be homeless and it was so stressful so I am grateful to have a home (it fell into place like it was meant to be in the end) and like you I also furnish my home with second hand buys or with things we make ourselves and I love to bag a bargain now.
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and taking the time to comment, Terri X

  4. Hello Terri
    I have just found your blog. What a magnificent view you have. Scotland is one of my favourite places. My husband and I have spent the last 15 years taking holidays in Scotland. From Loch Lomond to Wester Ross area up to Sutherland, Harris and Lewis and Mull. It is a magical place. But I can appreciate that the weather conditions are not always easy to live with. I admire you for making the decision to go there. I really hope everything works out ok for you. Deb x

    1. Thanks Deb, its great you found my blog! I live in Sutherland but since I've been here I haven't had chance to go to the Isles, I have heard how lovely they are so its on my to do list. I'm going to pop over to have a look at your blog now too. Terri X

  5. Sutherland is beautiful. I have only just started my blog so its all new to me at the moment. But I am hoping to get into the swing of blogging each week. Fingers crossed I can find things to talk about !! I will keep popping on to your blog as well. Deb x


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