Getting ready for the holidays

Today it has been warm but windy, sometimes overcast but we didn't have the rain forecast for the West coast.  We live right in the middle of the Highlands, its approx. 40 miles to the West coast and 30 miles to the East coast and about 600 ft above sea level  so you can never rely on the weather forecast to be totally accurate if its different weather on either side. 

Today was a good day to get all the bedding washed and on the line in preparation for the Grandchildren coming to stay with us for two weeks once they have finished school next Tuesday.
I will be flying south this week  to pick them up.  I booked it on the cheapest cost day for the month, only travelling with hand luggage to save money.  Its so hot I can wash and wear!  I have to catch a few trains as well so I made sure to book tickets in advance to get the cheapest prices.

Me and my OH just can't wait....we so look forward to these couple of weeks every year. I'm sure there will be plenty of trips to the beach
Happy days
Terri x


  1. Oh Terri I bet you are counting down the days....

    My Mum lives in florida and it is hard to be without your nearest and dearest popping in....

    Enjoy your time and cherish all your memories...i'm sure you will....

    bestest to you Daisy j....Ps glad you like my blog and thank you for your comments


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