Playing tourist

                                     This is Cawdor Castle

 I don't know what this tree is called.  Every branch was covered in these pretty pink flowers


The column was stacked slates and ball was glass


this was a bird feeder

It wasn't a cheap day out as on top of diesel £15 to get there, the entrance fee was £9.95 each as it is a privately owned castle.  It was very homely, in one room there was a Dan Brown paperback alongside the antique looking books!  We went into the café but it wasn't a huge success, OH didn't like the cheesecake (it was a bit dried out) and I managed to have just a bowl of strawberries (without the cream as dieting), a tea and a coffee, just over £10.  The gardens were lovely though and it was a pleasure to stroll round the flower beds in the sunshine. It is nice to play tourist occasionally.


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