Rainy Day

It was really misty when I woke up and it has started to pour with rain for the first time for ages. The gardens need it and it will be great to have some water in my water butt but it is such a contrast to yesterday when we were basking in the sunshine.    

We decided to take our 3 grandchildren to the beach yesterday and we had gathered towels, sun cream, hats, drinks, buckets and spades etc by 9am and set off.  The tide was out so we took off our shoes deciding to splodge around in the pools of water left behind, when No 1 grandson said " what's this Grandad?"  He was holding a jellyfish!   It must have been dead as he didn't get stung thank goodness but they were everywhere!   We swiftly left the beach picking our way carefully back to the car and headed for a play park and woodland walk instead.  They had a fun afternoon as their three teenage cousins came up and played cricket and hide and seek with them. It was nice to see them together, the big ones enjoying it just as much as the small ones.

So today as we couldn't go outside they made cards for a family birthday tomorrow

                                                       made by Grandson No. 3 - aged 3
made by Grand-daughter aged 7
                                                      made by Grandson No. 1 - age 9

                       This afternoon they wanted to make cakes for his birthday and for tea

                                                                 These ones are for us

They have watched a video, played with cars and dinosaurs, played schools and robots and now finally at teatime it has stopped raining so they have raced outside, jumped into the car and are pretending to go different places.  A happy Sunday.

                                                                          Terri x



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