A little catchup

I haven't blogged for a little while so time for a little catchup on what I have been doing lately.

Last week I was working Monday to Friday which was good as I am self-employed and work can be variable.  I have had a few jobs since I moved up here but they have been mostly seasonal so currently I work for a family member in her embroidery business doing logo's for schools and clubs.  This is also seasonal but does give me some work throughout the rest of the year. Sometimes I supplement my income making hearts, hence the name of my blog, this has been quite successful other years with orders for weddings, birthdays etc.
                                              this is my best seller, various colours

                                                            this one was a small cushion

Just a few examples of the hearts I make and |I am thinking that I might like to open an Etsy shop one day.

The weekend was a difficult one for our family as last Saturday it was a year to the day since we lost our beautiful sister who had fought  breast cancer for 5 years.   Unfortunately we had to attend a funeral of a family friend who had also been taken from his family far too soon.  Sunday I went to our community church with my BF and it felt so good to sing the praise songs.  Singing always lifts my spirits and after a coffee and a good catchup with my BF the day was virtually over!

Monday I awoke and had the urge to go somewhere and spend!!! Now I know that sounds bad but I rarely get that feeling now and cannot afford to indulge but we decided to put £10 of diesel in the car which we have to do to go anywhere because of the distances to travel  and go out somewhere for lunch.  We took a scenic drive over the mountains to a storehouse we like and I had a nice bowl of lentil soup,(keeping to my diet), which came with a scone which my OH had and he ordered a raspberry and pear crumble as pudding.  We had two coffee's and this came to £9.95 in total.  I had a look round the nice shop there but did not buy anything.   We then called in to a large charity shop as I like to browse round the secondhand furniture.  I only found a tea towel but they were charging £1.50 for it and I just couldn't bring myself to pay that much!  The way charity shops are upping their prices is getting out of hand!  Then we drove back home so our trip out cost under £20 which wasn't too bad.  I ended the afternoon moving some furniture around and sat down afterwards feeling much more content.  I think sometimes you just have to go with the flow...

Yesterday some sheep got in the garden again, they already ate my spring onions and some chard as well as a few flowers the previous week so I think the same ones came again for a feast, this time on my lettuces!  Still I should be grateful they left me one I suppose.  I made a couple of sour dough loaves, one to eat and one to freeze and a pan of curried lentil soup for lunch. I was at work and felt really tired when I got home, fell asleep for a while in the armchair.  I tried to catch up reading a few blogs in the evening and was glad I did as someone mentioned a £5 voucher off a £30 shop at Lidl which is valid Thurs - Monday so I am going to take advantage of that and rebuild by stock cupboard.

Catch up again soon
Terri X


  1. Hi Terri. I absolutely love your little hearts, your embroidery is so good. My fave is by far the lovely stag, it is so sweet. It seems like you hit the jackpot with this week's shopping, well done! I can never manage to get my food shopping to budget, food is so expensive these days, so well done! xoxo


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