Is it possible to travel cheaply?

I've spent the whole morning on the internet which was a bit frustrating as our broadband signal strength is so low up here.  I was searching for the cheapest way to get down south to visit everyone in the one trip. 

 It is approx 560 miles to get to my daughter's in the Midlands and then I want to visit my mother in the West country and this will be probably be the only trip I can afford to do till next year.  The diesel cost of my last trip to pick up the Grandchildren in July cost £200 and to get to my mums from there by train and bus was another £70 so this time I am budgeting to do the trip for half of that - £135.

Well after a lot of searching I managed to get a train south from Inverness to a station less than an hour away from my daughter's for £33.00!  I couldn't believe it and when I went to actually book the ticket it was reduced further to £30.70!  Amazing price as its usually way over £100 making it cheaper to drive than travel by train.  The added bonus is that the station I arrive at is near a dear friend's house and I will be able to stay over at hers for the night and then she will take me to my daughters home the next day.  It is quite a long journey though, nearly 9 hrs and I haven't travelled on a train that long a time before but I will plan ahead.

Next stage - to travel cross country to my mums and I found a train fare for £20, even cheaper than by coach.  From there I planned for the return journey and booked another train to Bristol for £11 then a bus to the airport for £7 and a flight back to Inverness (with speedy boarding - a must for me as I get a bit anxious at airports but I could have saved £5) for £43.99.  The cost to post my train tickets to me was £1.00 making a grand total of £113.69! 

 Yes it was definitely worth the time to get my trip for this price!


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