Where has the time gone!

The time has been flying since my last post, they say it goes quicker when you get older and I can't work out why but it really does!

Last weekend we went to visit some friends who live on the Black Isle which is not too far from Inverness.  We headed for the beach which is 5mins walk from their house, the tide had just gone out so we walked along searching for sea glass.  Took this picture of my OH who kept searching for me whilst I had a rest and sat on a bench!
It was a bit misty to start with but soon the sun came through.  We headed back to sit in their garden and have a good catch-up, our friends are planning their wedding so lots to discuss.  Later on we went for a walk in "Fairy Dell" to get an appetite for dinner

and ended up here

This was the first waterfall we came across, I couldn't make it to the second one further on, I only had flip-flops on and couldn't climb up the steep steps properly (sounds silly but I am sure my feet have shrunk a bit with losing weight as my flip-flops were a lot looser than usual and this really did make it difficult!) so I waited for the others here.
We went to the local shop on the way back and brought a load of salad items for dinner and watched a movie before heading home. It was a lovely day out.

I've been lucky enough to have work for the last two weeks so that's kept me busy but I have started crocheting another "blooming flower cushion" this time for a Christmas present.  I will post another pic when its finished.  I've also started to read this

I saw the film with Julia Roberts and really enjoyed it. I didn't realise that it was an autobiography though, just thought it was fiction.  I've read the "eat" part so far and its lovely to read as the places are familiar to me because our children sent us on an unforgettable trip to Rome for our 25th wedding anniversary.  The "pray" part is set in India which is a country I would also like to go one day. (Perhaps for our 40th ...hint..hint!)

Today I met up with another friend who I hadn't seen since April.  It was lovely to be "ladies who lunch" and we met at a golf club house which is overlooking the sea. Lovely food with a lovely view and good company.  I didn't take any pictures though I planned too, I was too busy talking!!

 The weather this afternoon has turned very wild, wet and windy.  Summer is definitely on its way out up here and its been very chilly the last few evenings.  We haven't put the stove on yet as we have a limited stock of wood to get through the winter months but I have been wearing my fleecy pj's and needed socks in bed as my feet were so cold. The weather doesn't look great for the weekend, forecast has just said wintry showers on the hills!!! already!!!  I better make a pan of soup for tomorrow to warm us up, I have a butternut squash to use up and got a loaf of homemade bread out of the freezer this morning.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend whatever you are doing
Terri X


  1. Hi Terri, Eat Pray Love is a good book. I read the book first and though it was good so I bought the DVD and was really disappointed in it. Mind you I don't like Julia Roberts as an actress so that didn't help. I lent to book to a friend who lent it to a friend who lent it to a friend so I went and bought another copy for myself as I know I won't see the original again !! Deb x

    1. Hi Debs, its often disappointing when you have read the book first then see the film, I felt like that when I watched "The other Bolyn girl" as the book was great. X


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