The holiday's are over

We had a fabulous two and a half weeks with our Grandchildren, the time went too fast and they left Friday night for the long journey home again.  After a bit of a sleepless night, I got up Saturday morning feeling very depressed as the house was so quiet and I missed their chatter and cuddles and the mess that four children create!  Being so far away from them and my daughter is very hard sometimes but they love coming to visit us and the rest of the family. 

I decided that I would have a quiet potter about day so after a tidy up and with the washing on going, it was time to get on with a crafting project I still had to finish for a family Birthday next week.  I have been making a "blooming flower cushion" following a tutorial on the very talented Lucy's blog  and I am very pleased with the result

and this is the back view

Its a great stash buster and the only cost was the cushion pad which I got off Ebay.  I feel a few Christmas pressies coming on! 

Hope you all have a lovely weekend whatever you are doing

Terri X


  1. Its gorgeous Terri, you have made a great job of it!


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