A Little Change Around

I had to have a good clean up after having a house full of people and i have to admit that apart from washing everyday the place only got hoovered once!  If you live in the country everything seems to get a lot more dirty and dusty i find and i filled the hoover cleaning the carpets today.  I decided it was a good time for a bit of a change around so i moved the furniture, swapping pieces from other rooms, changing throws and bits and pieces.

My little heart rag rug is back in front of the fire, coal bucket, wood basket and paper bin are full ready to light a fire.  The weather has turned noticably colder in the evenings and early mornings and the t.v. was correct about snow falling on the high ground as a friend posted a pic of the Caingorms snow on the 19th August!
This morning you can see we have sunshine outside, hurray!  One lot of washing already on the line and another of sheets and duvet covers on the go.

My blankets are kept in the ottoman below the window and makes a perfect little seating area.

My favourite armchair and pouffe which usually holds my latest craft project inside.  At the moment it is empty because i still havent been able to do much since my operation but it wont be long before i do.  

OH treated me to this pottery oilburner to cheer me up.  

My cat Alex soon made himself comfy so he approves of the change around :-)

Terri X


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