Feeding the Family

The fields surrounding us are usually full of sheep but the lambs were separated from their mums earlier in the week.  They baaa'd at each other constantly day and night for about 48 hours before being taken off to the sheep sales which were held yesterday.  Now it is nice and quiet. Wouldn't it be nice if sheep were as colourful as these ones on my drink mat.

There are 8 of us in the house at the moment, 4 adults and 4 children.  In a couple of days there will be another 2 adults so I will be catering for 10.  I have had to sit down and menu plan our meals 
Breakfasts consist of cereals and toast and lunches are home made soups or a sandwich. I am doing a choice of two main meals each day and have tried to find meals that will please everyone in some way whilst catering for the finicky ones, the dieting ones, the non meat eaters and the meat eaters!  As you can imagine it took me a while and of course I am home making food to be as frugal as possible.

  Today's dinner is a slimming world pasta quiche, an egg and bacon quiche, slimming world chips and oven chips and baked beans.  We have been out this morning even though it was pouring with rain again and we did treat ourselves to drinks and cakes in a cafe but we won't be doing it very often as the bill came to £35!!
We also got together with other family members to celebrate a Birthday making 13 of us in total.  I helped the two oldest Grandkids to make two Birthday cakes for the pudding
A yummy coffee and walnut cake which was just a Victoria sponge mix with the addition of Camp coffee in the sponge, cream and icing plus walnuts of course and
A chocolate cake decorated with maltesers.  Both tasted delicious and there was very little leftover.
The Grandkids also did a bit of cardmaking

We are playing games, watching disney movies, practising reading, going to the park and on walks when there is a break in the rain
Happy days :-)

Terri X


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