Beating Bertha

I have had a couple of really exhausting days as on Friday my son and I drove 600 miles to pick up my daughter and Grandkids.  We set off at 3 o'clock in the morning as we wanted to get there before the commuter rush to finish work but the drive from Scots Corner on the A1 southwards was horrendous anyway with the sheer volume of traffic, roadworks and then the torrential downpours.  It took us 11 and a half hours to get there and we had a few problems with the car on the last hour of the journey.
The first thing I did when we arrived at my daughters house was ring a garage and they took pity on me and agreed to look the car over first thing the next morning.  I got up at 6am Saturday morning as I had to get the car at the garage for 8am then walk back and wait for a phone call to hopefully pick it up again before they closed as they were only open half day.  I was worrying about how much it could cost too but to cut a long story short I ended up with two new rear tyres and a list of jobs that needed doing, some more urgent than others but nothing that made it undrivable back to Scotland.  Phew!  Having full AA cover in case of breakdown I felt more reassured.  Thank you to the Orbit garage in Rushden, I highly recommend it for their service.
We had planned to travel home on Sunday evening but after hearing about the severe weather warnings about hurricane Bertha we decided it would be more sensible to return Saturday night.  We did manage to miss the rain except around the Lake District but it always rains there anyway!  We had an hour holdup in a traffic jam on the M6 motorway and because the car was at a standstill my baby Grandson woke up and cried until we started moving again.  It was a relief to get back home at 4am Sunday morning and the children were so excited to be here and as they had slept a lot on the journey it wasn't until 8pm Sunday night I could get some sleep!  Oh the sheer pleasure of collapsing into bed after 38 hours awake!!  Bertha started up here during the night but we haven't been badly effected like some I have seen on the news.   I am so happy to have all my family together safe and sound under my roof :-)

Terri X


  1. Why is it that machines always play up at the most inconvenient moment. We saw very little of Bertha here, a few downpours and a bit of wind. Mind you I shut myself in the kitchen and made preserves and did a stack of sewing so it could have blown a hurricane before it registered. Enjoy your time with the grands, I am off to see mine again on Saturday.


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