A lazy Saturday

I made a mince pie for my OH this morning, this is the before cooking pic.  I sprinkled a little brown sugar on top before putting it in the oven and this is the after pic

My sis in law popped in for tea just as it was cooling so they both had a piece. 
I prepared a chicken and vegetable curry and put it into my new slow cooker for dinner.  I had previously given a large slow cooker to a friend as it was just too big for us and she agreed to get me a smaller 3 litre one and this one was on sale from Tesco for £12.00.  Bargain! 

I am so pleased with it and I plan to use it a lot over the winter.  This curry is enough for 2 dinners each so it is plenty big enough for us.
I also defrosted two potions of leftover soups and put them together for lunch as one was tomato and lentil, the other was a veg soup
This was all before 9am!
After getting dressed I ventured out in the wind to pop down to the village.  The temperature was pretty mild at 12 degrees outside but it felt a lot colder inside our cottage after having a few days rain and I was layered up in a vest, polo neck jumper, dress and cardigan and still not warm so we lit the stove and have kept it burning low all day.  
After a productive start to the day it went downhill really, I've sat and watched some old movies, didn't do any crafting because my hands ached too much( I've been having problems for a while since my thumb joint went and I ended up at physio for it but that's another story!).  I shopped for Christmas presents on Ebay, had a couple of phone conversations, played about on my Hudl and caught up with a few blogs, watched Strictly ( really good tonight) but that's it!  I feel I should have achieved more but hey ho tomorrow is another day.  

Terri X


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