Sewing, painting, transforming

I posted at the beginning of October showing the material squares I had brought with a little project in mind. This stool use to have an old wicker seat which had sagged so my OH cut some board and some foam to size. The material was a bit thin so I used a bit of old blanket to line it and a few coats of paint later here it is!

I love the shape of the feet and its very comfy to sit on now too.
After moving the dresser base into the newly decorated lounge, I had a space in the kitchen and needed some storage.  I had a drawer unit that we had originally moved out of the lobby when we had the BT man coming and put it upstairs.  It was dark mahogany so wouldn't go in the kitchen so it had to be transformed and now looks like this

Luckily we still had some leftover paint so  didn't cost us anything to do up. The bottom drawer is big enough to hold my food processor and I have been able to put our glasses in another couple. 
I paid a little visit to our local charity shop yesterday but I was disappointed to see how much they were charging for things I.e £20 for a pair of old curtains!  They looked in good condition but not a great design.  I am still looking for a door curtain but I can buy new for less than that.  I saw a nice glass ornament for Christmas but wouldn't pay £5 for it but I couldn't resist this little glass deer

It looks orangey in this pic but is actually pinky!  I paid £3 for it though.
I've still been having a good declutter and took 3 sacks to the charity shop, 2 sacks to the clothes bank and a few broken items to the dump.  The recycle rates are appalling here, they pronounce on their boards at the tip that they recycle 12 per cent of the waste!  I think that's shocking!  
It's been another wet miserable day to start off November so my OH has made me my favourite dinner - chilli con carne and jacket potato - yum and then I'm going to sit in front of the fire and read this

and hopefully get more ideas for Christmas.

Terri X


  1. It is wet here today but on the whole the weather is improving. We are horrified that the shops are full of Tawdry Christmas items. I am making all of mine this year. We'll done with the stool and good luck for the curtain!

  2. As you know Terri it's very cold here...everything looks great xx

  3. Love your stool, so pretty. What a dear little deer :) xx


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