These boots are made for walking

These boots are 25 years old and are worn frequently.  I brought them originally to wear on building sites where I worked for 15 years and since then they are worn on any bad weather day throughout the year.  I have certainly had my money's worth from them.
This morning they were my walking boots.  I've also got my pink bed socks on!  I'm not a great walker, my knees hurt    
but since losing 3 stone I feel able to give it a go. My OH planned a walk for us up a hill but with a promise that there was a seat at the top where we could have coffee and a rest for me!

This was at the start and you could see the loch through the trees.

OH carried the supplies.  He's an experienced walker and goes prepared for all eventualities, wonder if he's got a stretcher in there for me!

The weather was a bit damp and dark but we walked higher and past this old ruin of a barn

There was sunshine higher up and I really wanted to reach it

Not far to the light now

Made it to the bench and the sun was so low reflecting on the loch that it was dazzling so I couldn't take great pics of the view but I certainly needed my coffee and a sit down

Pretty pleased with myself now.


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