Happy things on the weekend

I ran out into the garden on Saturday morning to get this pic before the rainbow disappeared. They never cease to amaze me and we get lots up here living in the hills and sometimes double rainbows. 
We went out yesterday to pick up my Christmas present!  I never expected to get one but my OH told me he had been putting some money aside specially and I had to spend it on something for myself so after a lot of thought I treated myself to this

I love the cover and inside its a .....

Yep I got a Hudl and I am really enjoying playing with it - think I am getting into technology now!  I am looking forward to downloading some books onto it and using it when I travel and of course reading everyone's blogs!
We also used our tesco vouchers and as you can double the value at the moment we got £38 off the price altogether so it was a bargain too! Yippee!
I also got another present in the week, I must have been really good or something!

I had seen this cushion in a magazine and liked it.  One of my cats not so keen on it though as it took her a couple of days to sit back on the chair!

It's been a sunny but cold Remembrance  Sunday, nice to see a blue sky and before I went to church I took a few pics of my cats enjoying the sunshine. 
This is Bonny and she has only 3 legs as she had an accident when she was a few weeks old.  The vets wanted me to put her down but I refused to and she adapted really well and look at her now

She is also the best hunter and will spend hours in one spot waiting to pounce on any unsuspecting mice.
My other girl is Buffy named by my son after watching the series.

She doesn't see very well and has one blue eye and the other is green.  She obviously has some Siamese in her but she and Bonny are sisters.
When Bonny had her accident she had been through so much that I delayed getting them neutered but it wasn't a problem as they stayed in until the evening that they got out.  It was only one night but they both got pregnant!  Buffys kittens died but Bonny had five healthy kittens and they had mum and auntie feeding them.  We decided to keep the ginger Tom and found good homes for the rest so here is Alex

He gets bossed around by both the girls sometimes getting a swipe round the ear just for walking past whilst minding his own business but he's now starting to get his own back and as I left for church he decided to torment them both. A lot of hissing and yowling commenced but I just left them to sort it out. 
I was quite late home from church, too much chatting over coffee so I rushed about preparing the dinner and after catching up with the Grandchildren I'm planning a little hooky time.  

Working on yet another cushion for a Christmas present.
I hope you are all enjoying your weekend too.

Terri X


  1. Great pic Terri. The Huddle looks impressive. xxxxxx


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