Pyjama day!

It was a harsh frost last night and I struggled to get out of my cosy bed into the cold although I've got my fleecy pj's on. No work for me today but OH was up early getting his tools loaded up and cleaning out and preparing the stove for me to light later on ( must be love!) before getting ready to go off to work himself. Hurray! a pyjama day at home to myself!  

I decided to potter in the kitchen, breakfast tv on whilst i make a sausage casserole for dinner.  I grilled the sausages and then cut them in half as 12 bits of meat looked better than 6.  I chopped onion, carrots, new potatoes and added frozen peppers and peas.  I threw in a tin of butter beans and then added a sachet of Tesco's casserole mix 30p and cooked it in the oven for an hour.  As I didn't know what time OH would be home I thought I could warm it up in the microwave whilst cooking a bit of rice to go with it.

(This made three good sized portions so I took a pic of the leftovers as forgot the before pic)
I then decided to make a loaf of bread and a dozen mini naan breads

I didn't bother rolling the naan's nicely into shape, just used the palm of my hand to flatten so they don't look neat but taste nice.  I intend to freeze half of them and have a couple tomorrow when we have a curry.

After a shower and hairwash i gathered up enough washing to make a full load to put on and then thought I would sit down and try to finish the front of the crochet cushion that I need to get done as it is for a Christmas present.  I am struggling with this and think its because it is the third one I have made so I'm getting bored and want to move on to make something else.  I don't like to have unfinished projects so to help me along I decided to have a DVD fest.

I have watched all of these series before a while ago but have quickly got into it again.

I watched three episodes and then OH came home!  The day went too fast but I have finished the front part of the cushion. I intend to do a few sewing repairs this evening, my sausage dog draught excluder needs his bottom repaired, also a jumper has a ripped seam and my only bra (because the others have got too big now) has a hole where the wire pokes through, so uncomfortable!

Oh and the casserole went down well with OH, he really liked the naan breads too.

Terri X


  1. We are currently enduring 90% humidity, 25 degrees Celsius days and the worst..... are the 17 degree Celsius nights. Perhaps we should swap half your cold for half our hot? Your casserole looks delicious.

  2. Casserole looks good Terri. We all need days on our own to do exactly what we like, brings us to a place of peace and calm. Woo xx

  3. It has turned a bit milder here today but now as the darkness is descending its dropping quite chilly. We are set for colder temperatures again for the weekend. Its nice to have pj days and just chill out.


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