There's snow on the hills

Well winter is coming and we have had a couple of harsh frosts since the weekend with snow lying on the mountains. The daytime though has been lovely and sunny.  I much prefer the cold and sunshine, wrapping up in layers of clothing to the dreek rainy damp days that seem to get in my bones.  The stove has been on everyday by the afternoon and yesterday my OH made a grand job of chopping all the extra logs to size that we had piled outside under tarpaulin and we cleared out a few barrels from the garden that had held my potatoes and used them to store the logs inside the cottage. This will keep them dry and be easier for us to get to when the snow comes.  We also have a full woodshed outside as my OH worked hard this year collecting fallen wood as we could not afford to buy a load.   

Unfortunately OH has only had a couple of hours work so far this week, this happens at this time of year but he earn't enough to pay the t.v. licence for a couple of months so I can watch the telly over Christmas!  I have also been able to have a few days work this week and that will allow me to do a small food shop for the end of the week as I didn't shop last week and I'm running out of a few things. I made a batch of pastry and made a lovely quiche and jam tart with one and had two for the freezer.  Trouble was the jam tart was a bit too tempting for me and I couldn't resist once I made the custard!  Not good on my diet!  Diet Update - 3 stone off so far - but I am back on course now and have today made a vat of anything vegetable in the house soup which will last for a couple of days. Soup and jacket potato meals are yum when the weathers cold.

We didn't get to a fireworks display this year because the weather wasn't nice but last year we went to our friends house on the Black Isle and went to a bonfire on the beach.  It was great and I was impressed with the amount of fireworks but this year apparently it was a bit of a washout.  Such a shame.

I also want to mention that I took the advice of Frugal Queen in Cornwall's blog regarding getting the best deal on car insurance.  Our renewal came through and it was £50 more than last year, total of £240 and more than I had budgeted for.  I checked out the comparison websites and found a few good prices then I looked through more carefully at the policies themselves. I found a policy with no excess (prev £200), personal injury insurance (had none), legal insurance (same), courtesy car (didn't have before) and protected no claims (same).  I went direct to the company which was £10 cheaper anyway and then went via a cashback website and saved another £20 and at the end the total was £178 which was well within budget and a much better policy so a Big Thank you to Froogs and her blog.

I also got this catalogue through the post

I like lots in it but my favourite thing has to be these

   A toadstool salt and pepper pot, aren't they cute!  Would look lovely on my table so have to see what Santa brings me. I am leaving the catalogue on the worktop open at the page to see if anyone notices!!

Last but not least welcome to my new followers, its nice you pop by.

Terri X


  1. We are having a stormy and chilly Spring here in New Zealand but nowhere near as cold as you! Keep warm. I hope the Christmas Elves do bring toadstools:-)

  2. Hi Terri, another good blog, thanks for the tip on car insurance OH will be interested. Woo xx


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