A sociable Saturday

OH has been working this week building housing for these parrots.  A friend of ours used to breed them when he lived in the south of England and has now decided to try to breed them up here.  A few of the local crofters think he is crazy especially because of the weather conditions we get here but with the help of my OH his crazy idea just might work!
I'm not that keen on parrots, a bit nervous of their beaks but I can admire their colourful plumage.

It was freezing in the blustery wind this morning and by the time we had stood outside for an hour chatting with the above friend, I felt battered around the ears as I hadn't put a hat on.  We eventually left him to his birds and drove into the village to catch the post office before it closed.  I posted off what I think will be the last of the Christmas cards but you always end up getting one from someone you've forgotten don't you.
We then went to pick up some milk for another friend who was housebound for the day and had run out completely. We weren't intending to stay but she had baked some delicious scones for us and it was just lovely to warm up in front of her stove with just cooked scones and cups of coffee.  She also gave us our Christmas present which was a large sack of coal!  Might sound an odd present but we are certainly most grateful for it and how much better for us to have been given something we can really use and it will last us for a while. The coal is a new type of Eco coal that is supposed to burn cleaner but hotter and of course it is more expensive than the norm so we shall see what it is like.

As soon as we got back home we lit our own stove to warm the cottage up and it was already nearly 2pm.  Some days the time just flies by so fast.  The phone rang and it was my sis-in-law saying the family were just popping up so I duly put the kettle on again.

My nephew lent us his DVD so I cooked a quick tea of sausages for OH with chips and I had leftover chilli and we settled down to watch the film whilst we ate.  
I had phone messages from my son and another friend to answer and then my dad phoned for his weekly catchup.  

I've done another few rows of knitting on a second flannel whilst watching the second half of Strictly, i missed the first part of the programme. The first flannel is already wrapped along with a nice soap and put in a homemade paper box that my son made originally for me and I have recycled it as it was the perfect size.  This will be a little gift for one of my crafting friends.

Tomorrow we are supposed to be visiting our friends down on the Black Isle but we are forecast 80 mph winds again so it might not be a good idea to travel.  We shall decide in the morning. 

Terri X


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