Happy Birthday to my OH

The tide had only just gone out when we arrived at Loch Fleet this morning.  It was a bit cloudy but the wind had dropped and we strolled over the dunes to get onto the beach.

No one else was in sight as we walked over the wet sand only a few oyster catchers and a heron.  No sign of the seals either.

It is such a lovely beach with a huge expanse of sand and I was on the look out for any sea glass but I only found a small piece.  There were a lot of razor shells today

I took a photo of the pebbles as we walked over them, such lovely colours

Then off went to the cafe in Dornoch and  while we were there we popped in to the cathedral.  It is only the size of a church but was built in 1239.  It's modern day claim to fame is that Madonna married Guy Ritchie there!  No one else was inside so I took a few pics of the stained glass windows. 

Some of the windows are quite modern and brightly coloured.

I am cooking us a nice meal this evening, Nigella's rapid Ragu recipe which is made with pancetta, minced lamb, green lentils and caramelized onions cooked in marsala with tinned tomatoes and served with morrocan couscous.  Pudding will be toberone chocolate melted and added to whisked double cream to make a rich mousse.  It looks quite nice in a small glass and you really can't eat a lot as it is so rich.  Not a slimming meal though!!
Later on we are going to settle down to watch a new DVD that OH has picked

Definitely doesn't look like a chick flick!!

Terri X


  1. Sorry there were no seals to see but sounds like the café and cathedral were winners. I admire the fact you can take such good shots of stained glass. I find those windows hard to photograph. Happy Birthday OH

  2. Good photographs Terri...Kooks like a nice time had by all. Have a lovely weekend. Woo xx


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