Getting In the mood for Christmas!

Its time to change the tea cosy from this one to.....

My Christmas pudding one!  I made these tea cosies a while ago, note the tea stains on it!
I also spent time this week making a few Christmas cards by recycling bits from last years cards and I spent 70p on two sheets of tartan paper.  Well I am in Scotland and I always think tartan looks very Christmasy.

It's nice to make homemade cards and every so often a group of us girls get together for an evening to make some.  Sometimes we end up chatting so much we don't actually make any but other evenings we end up very productive, honest!!

I also wrote out my food shopping list but because its only the two of us plus the cats, it's not a very big list.  We have been buying a few bits over the last month or so to spread the cost. 
We have decided to have paella on Christmas Eve which I make with chicken breast, prawns and chorizo, a traditional turkey dinner on the big day with a choice of homemade puddings, a cheesecake or a white chocolate custard trifle, neither of us like Xmas pud! The trifle is my sis-in -laws recipe and is very yummy.  I will write it out for a blog another time.
Boxing Day is always cold meat and bubble and squeak and I just have to have a fried egg on top.  I have always preferred Boxing Day to Christmas, not that it was a relaxed day because in previous years it was always party day for us with family and friends so it will feel very odd this year to be on our own.  Instead of having to cater for a lot of people we can be pretty frugal this year with regards to food and drink.  My favourite tipple at Christmas is a snowball!  In case you don't know it's eggnog and lemonade, very refreshing too.

We received our first card this week, I've yet to write mine out. I love robins and couldn't resist buying this when I saw it

I have so many hearts in my home but I can always find room for another!
I think I might have a sort through my decorations tomorrow and I want to dig out some fairy lights to put round my large mirror in the lounge.  
There is a carol singing concert in the village tomorrow night but I am not sure if I will go, it does seem a bit early to be holding it really but I do enjoy having a good singsong.
I'm going to end now as I must try to get the back of the cushion i'm crocheting finished.  It's the last prezzie and I have wrapped all the others.

Hope you are having a good Weekend

Terri x


  1. Fabulous blog Terri...All those lovely homemade goodies....Woo xx

  2. Hello Terri,
    Thank you for stopping by my blog so that I may find you. Your handmade cards are beautiful. I love to make cards as well. In fact, I was with a group of friends last night that get together once a month and we make cards as well as other paper crafts. It looks like you live in a gorgeous area. I wish you a lovely and blessed Christmas.



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