A week of ups and downs!

Ups and downs is how I would describe my week but my mood started to lift yesterday and I had a little trip out with my Sis-in-law to get a few bits for Christmas which was nice after hibernating most of the week.
Do you like my new Christmas plate?  I found it in a charity shop yesterday and paid a pound for it.  Merry Christmas 1979.  I was also lucky enough to find this ..

I needed a few ideas of what to cook as I'm still a slow cooker novice. I will let you all know what I decide to make out of it as I haven't had time to look at it properly yet.
We had a terrible windy storm in the week, gusts recorded over 100 miles p/hr and trees blown over and bridges closed. Most of the village lost electricity for a couple of days.  I laid in bed unable to sleep because of the noise of the wind but I kept my eyes tightly shut because of the lightning.  I've always been frightened by the power of lightning and i was worried that one of the large scots pine trees to the side of our cottage would come down upon us. OH slept through it despite the thunder!  Luckily apart from a few roof tiles and a broken shed roof we came through it ok and our power was only off for a few hours. My OH had an emergency call for help to fix a barn the next morning but along with the wind we had blizzards which made it difficult to venture out. By Friday night everywhere was getting back to normal although the phone lines are still not working properly but the mobile signal is back on. I feel very sorry for those people affected by flooding on the East coast.
I finished crocheting the cushion I was making as a present but I forgot to take a pic of it before posting it off and I have started knitting a few flannels now using a nice natural organic cotton. 

A friend has given me a pile of magazines to look through which will keep me going for a while.  I used to buy loads of magazines but now they are a rare treat. 
I have also played around with a little more crochet and made a flower to decorate the lampshade cover i had made a while ago - spot the little robin on top.

I have started putting a few decorations up but still have to get a tree.  As we are at home this year I fancy getting a real one.  I put up a few home made decorations like this little cushion

The pics are not very clear as the weather is awful again today 

More hearts!

This little pop up card has come to us all the way from New Zealand and its very cute. 

A little tree in the kitchen and we have started using our Christmas mugs for our tea.

Now I think I am going to have my first mince pie of the season and settle down to watch The Paradise on t.v.
Have a good evening

Terri X


  1. Pleased to hear you survived that terrible storm. Can you send me your email address as I want to contact you. Thanks.

  2. Terri, its all looking wonderfully festive.


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