This Thursday morning

I slept really well last night as I was so tired and only woke a few times due to the winds but they weren't as strong for us as a couple of weeks ago.  Some people up here are still without their phone lines that were knocked out from the lightening.
 The forecast today is for snow so my OH brought the wood and coal inside ready to lay the stove whilst I cleaned the bathroom.  Unfortunately entering our bathroom is like going to the North Pole!  It is freezing!!  Our friends very rarely want to use our facilities because it freezes mid flow!  Now the mats are in the wash, floor mopped and everything in sight disinfected, I even cleaned out the cupboard and tidied all the medicines, flannels and towels are now in neat piles and i now have space to stockpile the toilet rolls.
OH then suggested we go for a little walk before the weather got too bad so after making me climb over the fence, we walked up the hill to the front of our cottage.  You can see the front of the cottage in the photo above and you can see we had already had a little flurry of snow.

II was well wrapped up as it was pretty cold but its a lovely view from up there

I zoomed in on our cottage

and looking further up the hill towards the wind farm

There are three turbines to the front of us but we mainly see this one.  It would look so much more attractive if it was painted in Cath Kidson florals or perhaps it could be yarn-bombed!!

Looking around the sky was darkening and we could see the weather moving towards us so it was time to head back again and we walked further down the hill and called into my sis-in-laws for a cuppa to warm up before heading home.
 The snow is now coming down steadily so the fire is on and OH has just dozed off on the sofa and the cats are curled up too.  

I made a mince curry yesterday and we have the leftovers for dinner today with homemade naan breads.  I might make a rice pudding later on too.  I always do Jamie Oliver's stove top rice pudding recipe as it only takes about half an hour to cook.
The light is going but this is the garden now

Terri X


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