Thank you everyone!

A big thank you to everyone who sent me lovely messages with Christmas wishes and I hope you all had a lovely time too.

I got these 3 lovely books as presents this year and I am enjoying having time just to sit and look through them.

I also got this shopping list and menu planner as part of my gift from my son, very practical and it has already found a home on the side of the bread bin.

I was given this lovely bird material and also a pack of material squares to play with.  My friends know me well!

This morning it is drizzling with rain and is 4 degrees but the cottage feels a bit too damp and cold so we have already lit the stove and will keep it ticking over all day.
We nipped out down the village to the Post Office just to get a bit of air as i was a bit headachy, not because of the booze honest, just because i haven't been outside for two days!
The forecasted snow over Christmas turned to winds and rain so we didn't have a white Christmas after all. I have seen the news on t.v. this morning about all the floods and power cuts down south so we were very lucky not to have been effected although as we were warned we might lose power I cooked our turkey Christmas Eve just in case.
I'm going to have a lazy day eating up leftovers and catching up on some t.v. I taped.  I am also sitting here making some little crochet squares out of leftover  ends of wool but I haven't decided what to make out of them yet.

I hope you all have a restful few days before the New Year festivities.

Terri X


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