A Little Knitting & Sewing

I'm back home now I after my trip south and i thought I would just show you my finished case for my tablet that I was working on before I left.

I crocheted a little frill on the opening and a popper fastening.  It proved to be a handy way to protect my tablet whilst it was in the little zipped pocket on the front of my suitcase and i enjoyed reading Rhonda's (from Down to Earth blog) "Simple Life " book and watching a downloaded programme in the airport and during the flight.

The evening before i went was sewing class night and this time i picked this lovely material

It is so lovely and cheerful and i grabbed it quick as soon as i spotted it on the fabric pile.  We had to make a knitting needle roll

I was quite pleased with how it turned out.

At last nights class we watched a demonstration on how to make curtains properly and with linings. Afterwards we just had time to make a corsage.

I have to admit i found this fiddly and can't say that i would ever want to make another!

Terri X


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