Recipe Correction and Today's Bargains

First i must apologise for making a mistake on the recipe for SW potato scones that i put on an earlier blog post.  You do not make up the potato mixture but use it dry adding the cottage cheese, three beaten eggs and chives to then shape into scones.  I made these today.

We popped out for a while today to get some compost and a few food bits from Lidl.  It was a bit cloudy but quite mild at 14 degrees.  I was pleased to find that my lettuces are growing well and the chard and spring onion seeds have sprouted whilst i was away.

The french beans are not doing well and before i went away i put a couple of runner beans in the tub.  I think the wind is too strong for them  but we will see if they grow or they won't.  I am going to plant up a few more seeds over the next couple of days.

I also called into the charity shop and picked up three things

A pretty dusky pink and cost £1.50

A nice pair of wedges from Wallis for £1.50

They might do for a wedding we are going to in June, well the service anyway as they are still quite high for me even with the wedge.  I will probably take some others with me to change into.

This tartan top was £3 but it is much too small for me to wear.  I brought it because i can cut it and make something with the material, maybe some placemats but i haven't decided yet.  I am off to have lunch now, homemade veg soup with some scones, yum yum!

Terri X


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