Happy Hectic Days

I travelled down south last Thursday to spend a few precious days with my daughter and Grandchildren.  We drove through some very heavy rain, accompanied by thunder and lightening but by the time we arrived it had calmed down a bit.

The rain had battered down these lovely flowers in her garden.

Unfortunately my first two days were a bit of a struggle as i felt unwell and was very tired but i dosed up and am now getting over whatever little bug it was.  The weather has also brightened up too and although the temperature is 17 degrees, it feels pretty warm to me after being in the Highlands.   There is a breeze and i have been helping my daughter with her housework, washed one of my Grand daughters favourite toys which looked like it was doing acrobatics when pegged on the line.

It came up lovely and clean afterwards so she is happy

I have been making soup with the leftover vegetables and my daughter showed me a simple way to make potato scones that we can eat freely on our SW diets, consisting of a packet of made up Smash potato, tub of low fat cottage cheese, 3 beaten eggs and a few chives

The mixture made six decent sized scones and we ate four before i remembered to take a pic!

We are having a family barbecue for tea today instead of tomorrow as more rain forcast for the next few days but this will not dampen my spirits as i enjoy another couple of days being together before i head back home :-)

Terri X


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