Learning to sew

This is my sewing machine brought about 10 years ago and it wasn't expensive then, well below £100.  It has had some use over the years but i haven't treated it very well, can you see at the top where i cut away some of the casing to help me thread it better!   I have never changed a setting on it or changed its needle but i have merrily sown curtains, cushions and hems on it.  Well from now on i am going to treat it a bit better, why? Because this week i joined a basic sewing class.

I have signed up for a beginners 8 week course and i was very lucky as my mother gifted me the money to pay for it.  Two hours on a Wednesday evening and already i have cleaned inside the bobbin area, which after 10 years there was quite a lot of dust and fluff, learnt how to change the needle, found two things on the machine i never realised, a thread cutter and an automatic needle threader.  It is taking a little practise to use the threader, probably takes less time to do it myself and we are practising different stitches.  Every week we are going to make something and this weeks make was a pin cushion.

It was a very plain blue pincushion with a pink ribbon by the end of the class and i just had to prettify it a little at home by sewing on a pink heart and button and adding a bit of blue lace.  Now i am proud for it to hang on my machine ready for use.

I am looking forward to the next classes as the plan is...
Week 2. Make an envelope style cushion with overlocked seams
Week 3. Make a lined zipper purse
Week 4. Make a brush roll with concealed seams
Week 5. How to make a lined curtain/sewing machine cover
Week 6. Start to make a handbag
Week 7. Finish handbag
Week 8. Help with home projects

I have done a handbag day course before and i have blogged about it so i might have a go at a different style one.  At the end of this course there is an opportunity to do an intermediate one so if all goes okay i plan to do that too.

Terri X


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