Cushion love

I have a thing about cushions. OH moans when I bring yet another into the house but I carry on and look at this lovely old hexie cushion I found in a charity shop for £2.  It was very unloved, filthy and ripped in places with a horrible musty smelling cushion pad inside but I could see its potential! 

I carefully unpicked a seam and threw away the old pad and handwashed the cover.  Then i set about repairing the hexies, carefully patching new ones in place and put in a new pad that i already had just waiting for a cover. Now it has a new home on my armchair.

This week was also cushion making week at my sewing class. We had a choice of tartan or tweed material and i had a job to decide but picked this lovely soft grey tweed with a touch of lime.

We learnt how to secure the seams by zig zagging the edges and i was quite pleased with how it turned out.

I also tidied our spare bedroom and took this photo of a cushion i crocheted

The light is not great for photo taking but the room is now ready for visitors

On the armchair is a blue tweed cushion that i brought at a craft fair, made by the lady who is holding the sewing classes and i have to say that my own cushion looks as professionally made as her one :-)

Terri X


  1. Your cushion sure does look professional and I love the fact that you resurrected the hexies too.


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