A Few Good Things

Over the past week aside from the normal daily things, I have finally sorted my whole outfit ready to go to our friends wedding next weekend.
I just have to iron the dress but this whole outfit including shoes, jewelry and bag, has only cost me £9, bargain!
I was just so lucky to find this little jacket and I am wearing the green wedges that I showed you in a recent post so no last minute panics over what to wear.
A morning was spent delivering the calendar project to a few shops locally.  It has turned out well and we also made 2 sets of blank cards.  There will be a few occasions to sell them in the village I.e. at the gala week and at the crofters show and plenty of time before Christmas. We sold quite a few on the first day when the community came together for
An evening in memory of WW1, poetry readings, a film slide show of family histories and memories and a youth theatre project. The midges were out in force as we were down by the loch and i have some nice blotchy legs now.
I got a new to me book to read from Amazon, inside is in good condition and i have wanted to read this as i have followed Gretchen's blog.
I have a new DVD I have yet to watch.

I can't show my latest make from my sewing class as its for a Birthday but I have signed up to do the intermediate course where we can make our own things. I am not sure what i want to make yet but i have an armchair that i would like to patchwork, its a bit big to take to a class though!

I have been happy to see my veggies at last putting a spirt on
The strawberries I replanted have settled nicely
A bit of growth on the French beans and runner bean at last but i have lost a few.
My friend has just knocked on the door and generously given me these lovely fresh eggs as i had mentioned that i am going to make quiches for the wedding buffet along with some coleslaw as my contribution.

OH has had a good Father's Day, been spoilt as he deserves to be and has just shared his maltesers with me over a nice cup of tea :-)

Terri X


  1. The outfit is lovely Terri. If I should be passing I may nip in and have some of that lettuce. Woo xx


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