A Lovely Highland Wedding

We dressed up in our finery and went to our friends wedding on Saturday at Cromarty on the Black Isle.
It was held in the old Courthouse, the cells were downstairs, now converted into exhibition areas and a shop.  We walked up the old worn stone stairs, very carefully in my high heels,  to the main room where these three judges sat overlooking proceedings.

It was quite strange as when i entered the room i didn't realise at first that they were waxworks.
Apparently there are models of prisoners too but they must have been removed to make space for the wedding.

After the ceremony and photo sessions we all congregated in the olde worlde pub across the road.  I expect that most wedding parties end up there as its so convenient.  Cromarty is such a pretty fishing village, beautiful cottages with some interesting looking little shops and definately warrants a planned girlie day out.  The only things that marr the views are the oil rigs, interesting but not attractive!
The reception was held back at their house with a marque in the garden.  On Friday evening I made these two quiches and large bowl of coleslaw as my contribution to the buffet.  Another friend of theirs had made the lovely cake and cupcakes which I can confirm tasted as good as they looked!

There were quite a few kilts on show and a bit of Scottish dancing alongside the disco and a good time was had by all.
The happy couple

Terri X


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