Enjoying The Peace

I stepped outside this morning and it was so quiet.  The turbines were still, the sheep were quiet perhaps still asleep as there are plenty around.  The sky was cloudy but there was still warmth in the air along with a slight breeze, enough to stop most of the midges coming out.
OH had to work today so its just me and the cats.
Both came outside with me and Bonny has a habit of just flopping directly in front of me wanting a tickle!  The times I nearly step on her!
She meows at me until I do it.
Alex meanwhile just strolls around his estate
He is still a bit thin after his illness but is now eating well
Handsome boy!
I just stand awhile and look at the view over to the West.  A nice way to start my day, just being in the moment.
Bonny is always on the lookout for a movement and has left us little presents of dead mice the last few mornings!
Mums going back indoors now, it must be breakfast time!

Terri X


  1. What a pair of cuties. Bonny is gorgeous and Alex is a bit of a hunk. Sounds like you all had a very relaxing start to your morning taking in the soft weather and views.

  2. Lovely Blog as usual Terri, very relaxing. Woo xx


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