A Morning Walk

Today we woke to the sunshine so it was the perfect day to take a stroll.  We drove about 16 miles and parked up near Oykel Bridge.
There was a good track to follow and for a while it was so sunny that it kept the midges away.  OH showed me Bog Murtle, a plant that smells slightly perfumed, he said minty but i thought it smelled a bit of wee!  He said it was used in midge deterrents and I could rub the leaves over my face and neck if I wanted, I declined to do that though!
There were small rapids and we walked until we came across a picnic table and decided to sit there and have a coffee,
I had to take my shoes off as my heels were starting to rub sore, it was a relief to get them in the air.
The view from the bench of two rivers joining together. You can see the line in the water of them joining.
The worse part was having to hobble back to the car and I had a big blister by the time we got there. ouch!
On the drive back home we drove past these new gates
Someone has built the most fabulous log cabin overlooking the water
It's so new they haven't done any planting yet
How fantastic to sit on the balcony and look out at the view
It was definitely a Wow house and I would have loved to see the inside.

Terri X


  1. All looks fantatsic Terri, wish I'd been on the walk with you. Woo xx

  2. Gorgeous scenery, a perfect place to walk and admire the beauty of it all. Isnt that log cabin amazing?


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