The North Wind doth blow!

We were promised a lovely warm day today and they didn't lie but they did not tell us it was going to be blowing a gale!
I wanted to do a few more jobs in the garden but needed more compost so we had to drive out and get some.  We decided to have some breakfast at OH's favourite cafe, mine was a bacon roll but he had chocolate orange cheesecake with coffees.  There seems to be a few tourists about now, usually its very quiet first thing but we had a job to find a parking space today.
I picked up the compost and couldn't resist the little plant above,  Its called Abunda.

I called into the charity shop but i only brought this little ornament for £1.

After a wizz round the hardware store, brought some oven cleaner for when i feel like tackling this job and some wooden kebab sticks in readiness for the barbecue that is arriving later next week.  We have been meaning to buy one for ages, every summer we talk about it but this week I planned to finally get one as we have a couple of family birthdays to celebrate when everyone visits in August. I found a nice family sized charcoal burning one with a free cover included and delivery was only £3.95 which is much cheaper than going down to Inverness.

When we got home OH helped me get the washing onto the line.  We had quite a battle with the duvet cover in the wind and secured it with about 15 pegs but i still had to rescue it later as half the pegs had blown away too!  Still the upside is no ironing as the wind blew the creases out!

Do you remember my post "prettiness on the ash heap"?  I had cleared out my old strawberry plants to make way for some lettuces and i just threw them over the fence towards the heap and just forgot about them as the nettles grew over the area.  I just happened to look yesterday and couldn't believe it as i spotted all these strawberry flowers!  After doing nothing much for the last couple of years they were florishing on the ash!  I sent OH over into the nettles along with his spade to dig some of them up for me to replant.

Looking forward to a bumper crop this year i hope!

Of course OH didn't dig them all up so when they fruit he will just have to go back into the nettles to pick them!

I used most of the compost to fill a couple of large tubs and planted out some potatoes which had sprouted.  I did this last year and had some success so thought i might as well instead of getting rid of them.
I moved one of the garden chairs into a corner sheltering by the front door and sat enjoying the warm sun.  It was so nice that i had a little snooze!

Terri X


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