A Few Warm Weather Days

 We have had some lovely warm weather the past few days, Friday, after working in the morning, I got the cushion for my steamer chair out from under the bed and sunbathed for a while.  The cats came to join me but it soon got too hot for them so they laid underneath me. A lovely lazy afternoon.
Saturday morning it was a bit cloudier but still quite warm so we went out for a while.  This is Bonar Bridge, a village 10 miles away from us and the villagers recently celebrated this bridge which was 40 years old last weekend.  We stopped in the car park by the water and got out to look at these boulders laid out in a circle.

A little place to have a picnic when the Grandkids come up I think.  
Underneath the gorse bushes there was this pretty little plant
OH later looked its name up for me and it is called Mouse's Ear.  Cute name for a sweet little plant.
Talking of plants, the warm weather has started a growth boom on the plants in the garden, the lady's mantle has bulked up and my pots are looking lush.

I have been repotting things and planting more veg seeds, now the metal bucket in the pic above is empty I need to find something else to go in it.
This brown metal teapot was found on a walk by OH and he brought it home for me to use (he knows me well) and it now holds a strawberry plant.
This plant just appeared on its own
My trough which I replanted a few weeks ago is now filling out.
We were invited to a barbecue last night and watched the sun setting behind the hills from my friends summerhouse.  A few midges were about and they made a bit of a meal out of me!  I woke this morning with a swollen eyelid from a bite and very itchy arms.  
After church today I came home to find a red legged partridge on the garden wall!  They don't usually come up this way so we are going to tell our ranger friend.  We couldn't get a decent photo of it before it flew off but it's quite a big bird and has very distinct markings.
We get lots of different types of birds from buzzards, curlews, oyster catchers, yellow hammers, black grouse, house martins who give us a fantastic aerial display each year, doves, cuckoo, robins and little blue tits and great tits, green finches, siskins and starlings.  Probably a lot more than I can name and you get a lot of twitchers coming to visit the bird hides in the area. OH has also seen two ospreys fighting a Golden Eagle but I have yet to see one of those.

Terri X


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