A Courgette and some Plums

Yesterday a kind friend gave me a courgette and some plums from her garden.  Its lovely to receive homegrown vegetables and the courgette was pretty big, more like a marrow but i knew i would be able to use it.
I didn't have to go to work until lunchtime so as soon as OH was fed his fried breakfast and went off to work I set about some preparation.  First i made a chunky vegetable pasta sauce and 2 generous pots were put in the freezer.  I decided to make "a girl called Jack's" courgette, tomato and brie gratin for my tea and have it with a tray of roasted veg.  Definately looking forward to eating that later. Son wouldn't eat it as he doesn't like tomatoes or courgettes so i decided to make my usual carrot and lentil veg pie for him.  I still have half the courgette left so tomorrow i will make a vegetable chilli to freeze and put more in a cheesy rice dish.

I stoned the plums, couldn't resist popping some into my mouth as they were so ripe and sweet.  Then i made a plum upside down cake which is so easy as its just a sponge mix layered on top of the fruit and i used golden syrup to make the glaze but as i put it into a loose bottomed cake tin, thinking it would be easier to get it out once cooked, it leaked out into the cooker and i now have a large burnt sticky patch to clean out in the oven!

I added a couple of apples that had been sitting for a while in the fruit bowl to the rest of the plums, along with a teaspoon of ground ginger and made a crumble topping.
Now i haven't forgotten that i'm now dieting so these puds are just for OH, lucky man, as son doesn't eat these either.
Time just to do a quick wash-,up and there seems to be lots of it before i go off to work. Not bad for a mornings work but i just realised that i haven't stopped for a coffee or any lunch so i will be starving later, looking forward to my tea!

Terri X


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