Relaxed Day

Lots of blue sky and a nice morning for a trip out to a pottery shop.  We drove up winding roads, past lots of green fields and stopped in a layby to look at this view across the water.  The white blobs in the picture are birds, hundreds of them and there was a bird hide open for anyone to go into.  We did pop in but I preferred to be outside.  
Further over the water i spotted this

I had to put my camera on full magnification to take this photo of one of the largest cruise liners i have seen.  I am guessing that this one might be full of Americans which is good news for everyone in business up here as they seem to spend their hard earned cash more freely than some others. When I worked at a tourist attraction we always had a list of the cruise ships, when they were docking and nationality of passengers and as we are an area that relies heavily on tourism, we looked forward to them coming.  I guess at this time of day most passengers would be disembarked onto coaches and be ferried about to various places.
I have never fancied going on a cruise holiday, too much like a holiday camp at sea for me and far too many people but my BF loves cruising and goes as often as she and her husband can.  This October she is off to Portugal and Lanzarote etc.  She told me about a ship that has a park and trees growing in the centre of it, amazing really but it still wouldn't tempt me although it must be nice to go to sleep at sea and wake up in another country.  
No, I am quite happy to be in places like this
sitting in a little teashop watching the world go by for a while.  Look at the lovely geraniums behind me but I have to admit there was a silver snail trail under the table.  This place does all homemade food and at a good price, nice cup of tea too.
I am going to head off to the pottery shop down on the front.  You have to bend your head to go through the front door.  You enter a room full of pottery but i was so busy looking i forgot to take a picture, so many lovely things.  We chatted to the lady serving, her sis-in-law made the pottery out the back and then we were joined by a lovely big friendly tomcat, think it was a British Blue but actually had gorgeous grey fur so we spend a time fussing him.
I did come home with something, OH treated me to this
It had chickens on it so I couldn't resist this little cutlery holder and it is quite at home with my other chicken bits and pieces.

Terri X


  1. That cafe looks delightful Terri, just love the cutlery holder. Woo xx


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