More Cushion Love and back to Crafting

I picked up this fab cushion from Asda and only £7, bit of a bargain i thought and you can never have enough cushions right!

I have finally been able to start making things again and this weekend i picked up my crochet hook and hooked up a little jar cover

It has found a home on the kitchen window sill, waiting for a few flowers to be popped inside.
I also picked up my knitting needles and have started making a washcloth using this lovely organic wool.

Simple stitching and i am a bit slower but its nice to be making again.
I have now put my favourite inspiration books beside my armchair, ready to cosy up and look at by the fire.  I felt alot colder this weekend, it was so wet and windy but have resisted lighting it so far and it is supposed to warm up a bit in the week.

This morning i went to the patchwork club and as i haven't been for ages it was lovely to catch up with everyone and see what they are making.  I do have the weekend away in Edinburgh for the quilting exhibition coming up in a few weeks but i took everyone who's going a little present of a rucksack with a motif of a pink chicken on i designed.

The photo colours didn't come out properly but it is pink.  I have always been known for them since i made this in the classes.
We should certainly be noticable with our lime green bags and easy to spot if we lose each other!

(Re published as for some reason my cushion photo disappeared but here it is!)
Terri X


  1. Anotheoo xxr lovely homely Blog Terri, aqll of your crafting looks great. W


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