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Look whats on my new craft table!  I think i might do a regular post on this and it will keep me making things to show you.

I had a sort through my collected materials and found the tartans and tweeds.  I have rarely brought any material, preferring to recycle clothing and bits i find here and there.  In this square is material from a couple of my sis-in-laws skirts, a leftover piece from the cushion making class i went on, a piece i was given by a friend, a square of a pair of my old jeans and other bits fou in charity shops.  This means it hasn't cost me hardly anything either.

I am making a front and back piece and this might become a bag or a cushion ( "not another cushion!"  OH is shouting. )  I don't know what he means, can you ever have enough?  I am leaning towards a bag this time i think.

Its had to be a very frugal week as OH has been working for two weeks on a job but not finished yet, be nice when he does though and i have only had a small amount of work.  I have had to make sure i dont waste anything so this week i made my own pizza base.  We rarely have pizza but i used a recipe that used half plain flour and half strong white bread flour.  This worked really well and i mixed tomato puree and ketchup together for the sauce.  OH and son both said how nice the sauce was but if i had told them what it was, they wouldn't have eaten it!  Anyway i think we will have pizza more often now.


These little lemon tarts were a success and went down well with a cup of tea.  I also made a coffee cake

I have made pork and apple burgers, served with mash, cabbage and runner beans and a shepherds pie so far this week.  Today we have a friend coming for tea so i have made chilli and serving it with rice, jacket potatoes, salad and homemade naan breads.
I'm off tomorrow on our girlie trip to the quilting exhibition in Edinburgh for the weekend so i hope to take some nice photos and write about it soon.
Terri X


  1. Terri, that material would make a fantastic bag. That cake and lemon tarts look amazing, well done. Woo xx

  2. Have been lurking for a while but first comment. You have been very productive this week!
    I also think a bag.


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