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It has taken 4 weeks at sewing class but at last my shift top is finished and although it looks nice on the hanger, it doesn't look so nice on me!  Never mind, if i ever lose another stone in weight it might look better on.  I now need to find another project to do next week.

We spent two days down in Inverness on hospital appointments for OH this week.  We were lucky that we could stay overnight with our friends on the Black Isle as it saved us a lot of mileage and diesel.  We had a lovely walk along the beach, so warm we were in short sleeves and i collected a good handful of sea glass to add to my collection.  We were up early next morning to see the results of the referendum and although us and our friends were in opposing camps, we are still friends and although hearts are heavy, hopefully it won't take too long before all the people of Scotland come together again.  
OH has created a little craft area for me in the back bedroom. It needs a bit of prettifying when i get time.  It can be dismantled easily enough if we have guests and it did enable me to have a sort out of my crafting stuff and i was able to spread into the little set of drawers which helped a bit.  When you're knitting, sewing, card making and decorating, equipment and supplies take up so much space!
Proof the shelves are a lot tidier!

I have spent a few hours this week doing some cross stitch, following a chart in one of my books.  I took it with me to work on whilst chatting with friends over coffee.
The bird looks a little scary but i enjoyed doing it and have started some of the other designs.

A while ago i was lucky enough to win a per una skirt on Ebay for £10.  It was cream linen, really nice but just not my colour.  Yesterday i brought an olive green dye from Dunelm.  They sell dye cheaper than most places and it was £5.99.  I am really pleased with how it has turned out, the photo doesn't do it justice as the light  wasn't great.
Notice the crochet flowers on it.  I think i might wear it to church tomorrow.

September is half over already and the last few days have felt very warm after the misty starts to the morning. We went down to the beach again early yesterday morning before going to the hospital and it felt quite eerie as you could not tell where the mist ended and the water began.  It was so quiet and there were no waves either.  Nothing to see except OH had his binoculars and saw a few seals quite far out so we didn't hang around for long.

I changed my mantlepiece again after i spotted these lovely rosehips in the garden.  The little pot i put them in was made by our daughter when she was at school, shes 32 now.  You can just see me reflected in the mirror as i took the photo.

Terri X


  1. The craftroom looks very good Terri, so does you tunic you've made...well done. Woo xx


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