Ups and Downs Again

Our mornings have been shrouded in mist on most days this past week, sometimes it has been teatime before the sun has broken through, making a lovely evening but yesterday it had cleared by lunchtime and was lovely and warm and today, although it is a bit cooler, it is a sunny day.

This week has been a costly one for us.  OH had a hospital appointment and we were journeying over the mountain when the front brakes locked on the front wheels.  We do belong to the AA but decided it would be better if we tried to get the car back to the garage we use but it was quite difficult, the smell of burning rubber was awful and we had to keep stopping and starting till we limped onto their forecourt.  The chap came outside to have a look and the wheels were 140 degrees!  When it had cooled a bit they put the car up on the ramp to have a look and we were quoted £585 pounds to fix it.  Luckily i had been putting some money by to help us through the winter months when work becomes scarce but it seems every time i get some, something crops up so we have to use it.  We need the car so we had no choice. It now means tightening our belts a bit harder over the next few months to save up again and luckily OH has a couple of bigger jobs to do, a large decking to build and wardrobes and other joinery to do for someone. We still need to get in more coal and wood for winter and i have resigned myself to the fact that we will only have an open fire and not the stove this year.

Anyway moaning over and yesterday the local Learning Centre was celebrating their 10th Anniversary.  They had free taster sessions of some of their courses

Me and sis-in-law at the back of the class studiously doing needlework.  This is what i was working on

When finished it could be made into a card or framed perhaps.  We also tried the creative writing class and went into the cushion making class.  There was also spinning, computer classes and outdoor art activities but there wasn't time to do everything.  Having refreshments and a chat with people out in the sunshine was nice and i even won two prizes in the raffle, a bottle of wine and a large cross stitch kit.  Very unusual for me to win anything.

I went to my Wednesday night sewing classes and at last my top is coming together, not ready to reveal yet but maybe next week.  I also met up with the patchwork ladies i am going with on the trip to Edinburgh and they loved the bags i made for them all so that was a relief.  I have no work on Monday so i am going to meet up with them again at the morning sewing group.  

When i went food shopping this weekend Lidl had an offer on pulled pork, £1.79 a pack.  We haven't had it before so i decided i would make coleslaw and potato salad for dinner plus a pasta quiche as son doesn't eat meat. It was a bit of a rush before going to church but i have to say it was delicious.  I would buy it again.

I still feel the days are flying by at the moment but everyone i have spoken to have said the same so its not just me but i am not ready to think about the C word just yet.....shhhh don't say it!

Terri X


  1. Hello Terri, jolly good blog. I'm afraid the C word is upon us, even went into a shop who had a Christmas section at the end of August, world gone mad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woo xx


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